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DoodleandBaby is a blog website which includes product recommendations, helpful advice and related posts.

DoodleandBaby is all about our precious dog Bear and newborn baby Kylan.

Bear is the Doodle and Kylan is the Baby to make the DoodleandBaby brand and this website is dedicated to them!

Picture of Bear sitting who is the doodle in DoodleandBaby.
Picture of Kylan sleeping who is the baby in DoodleandBaby.

Meet Bear and Kylan or the Doodle and the Baby in DoodleandBaby!

Bear is our beautiful F1 Golden Doodle who is a boy and 3 years old! He loves humans, chasing small animals and being a big brother!

Kylan is our firstborn born boy and was recently born on March 18th, 2023! We absolutely love him and adore him to the moon!

Picture of Sagar and Amita, the creators of DoodleandBaby

Meet the Creators of DoodleandBaby!

My name is Sagar and I am just a man trying to figure it out being a first time dad and some experience with a puppy. I’ve been married 5 years and have a beautiful wife named Amita. Together we have Bear and Kylan to make the perfect family.

I’m on paternity leave right now just working on my WordPress skills, Affiliate Marketing and learning more about ChatGPT.

I like to blog so figured this would be a good entertaining and fun way of learning something new and developing more skills!

I want this website to be a valuable resource for dogs and babies and welcome any feedback!

Please feel free to leave any comments or fill out your contact info on the Contact page and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Thanks for visiting DoodleandBaby!

“Dogs and babies are both bundles of joy, bringing unconditional love and endless smiles to our lives. They may speak different languages, but their bond transcends all barriers of communication.”
Picture of Bear for dog blog and product reviews.

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